Manuel García. Trends in vascular acces: from local issues to DOPPS.
  Ramon Roca-Tey. The need of vascular acces programs.
  Joaquim Vallespin. Prognostic factors for success in vascular access creation.
  Fidel Fernandez. Criteria for planning vascular acces.
  Guillermo Moñux. What to do when vascular bed is exhausted, complex native vascular acces graft.
  Rino Munda. Complex vascular acces surgery needed? If yes how, when?
  Shoaeddin Damirchi. Evolution of Bioprotheses for Vascular Access.
  Ramon Roca-Tey. Surveillance as predictive factor of stenosis and thrombosis and its influence on vascular acces survival, how and wen?
  José Ibeas. Doppler ultrasound versus dilution methods and angiography: Two in one with same accuracy?
  Simon Van Hooland. Ultrasound dilution method embedded in a multidisciplinary VA surveillance protocol.
  Nicola Tessitore. Acces blood flow surveillance in arteriovenous fistula.
  Jan Malik. Acces surveillance: Towards restricted criteria for intervention? Importance of hemodynamic factors and doppler use.
  Arif Asif. We are awash with criteria: how do we manage our patients?
  Joaquim Vallespin. Efficiency of interventional vs surgical vs surgical treatment of juxta-anastomic stenosis, and what to do with the non-maturing fistula.
  Antonio Giménez Gaibar. When to intervene in steal syndrome. Aproach to pseudoaneurysms.
  Jose Luis Merino. When to use antiplatelet drugs.
  José Garcia Revillo. How and when to intervence in central stenosi.
  José María Abadal. Ultrasound-guided endovascular treatment for vascular acces dysfuction.
  Gaspar Merstres. Vascular Surgery approach: what can we do with aneurismatic dilation of brachial artery and Trearment of the steal syndrome with juxta-anastomic vein graft interposition.
  Héctor Ferral. Interventional Radiology appoach: Patient with difficult access.
  Arif Asif. Interventional nephrology approach: why and how?
  Jorge Gómez Valdes. Is there a better catheter desing?
  José Ibeas. Is the better catheter lock to avoid dysfunction? Exhauted native vascular acces: CVC or graft?
  Eva Criado. Ultrasound and catheter placement. Is there a better treatment for catheter dysfunction?
  José Ibeas. Is antibiotic lock prophylaxis justified? When to withdraw the catheter in sepsis?
  Josette Pengloand. How to prolong the tunnelled CVC lifespan.
  Michael Tal. Dialysis catheter desing. Recent developments and future trends.
  Nestor Fontseré. Time and cruteria for fistula maturation.
  Anna Matí. Puncture rechniques: is there any better?
  Ruben Iglesias. Vascular acces care and patient information.
  Toni Goovaerts. Vascular acces care. What’s in the pipeline?
  Enrique Gruss. Incidence and prevalence rates of differents types of vascular acces and catheter relarted bloodstream infection rate.
  Cristina Lopez. Surgical succes, early faulire and trrombosis rate.
  Ramon Roca-Tey. Beyond the evidence: future trends to explore.